SILIA laboratories are specialized in the research and development of high-quality cosmetic skin care.



Based in the southwest of France, we favor the Made in France manufacturing with highly qualified local and regional partnerships.



Our experienced scientific team is doing everything possible to develop ever more innovative formulas, in order to combine efficiency and pleasure during your beauty rituals.


BisouBio ™ is a brand of cosmetic care intended for babies, mothers and future mothers; comprising two ranges:


  • Mon BisouBio ™ for (future) mother

  • Petit BisouBio ™ for babies

The skin of babies, pregnant women and mothers is very fragile. She feels tight and lacks hydration and protection.


BisouBio ™ was born out of the desire to soothe hypersensitive skins, thanks to its formulas rich in natural active ingredients that will deeply nourish and hydrate the skin.

BisouBio ™ products allow complete beauty rituals, combining pleasure and instant well-being. They bring softness, comfort and will be a plus to share special moments with baby.



Innovation is our Nature.

We can formulate & manufacture products for your brand.

Our team of research associates, internationally known and recognized, has developed many unique formulations in cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

Among its members, an Innovation expert to the European Commission.


After several years of research, we have just released on the international market, a cosmetic support intended for plastic surgeons during their skin treatments by Photo Dynamic Therapy.

This cosmetic cream is recognized, by professionals, as highly remarkable for its non-ablative performance, as well as its efficiency, and its operational ease.



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